Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit Class, Tacoma Bass Pro Shop




Get your Multi-State Concealed Permit Today! Carry in nearly 40 States.

911 Shooting Academy goes above and beyond in providing this 4hr class. Each student will receive a pre-filled envelope and all the proper items to get their Multi-State CPL Utah, Arizona, Oregon and or Florida.

Course fulfills the state requirements for training per RCW 9.41.090. Each student will receive a I1639 certificate of training for Assault Rifle purchase.

$99.00 Includes 2 fingerprint card, a prefilled out envelope, and a certificate of training valid for other states CPLs.

Having a current WA or ID CPL is not a requirement to take the class.


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January 12th 2020, 1PM-4PM – Tacoma, WA. Bass Pro Shop